Jolene DeHeer is one of the freshest motivational and inspirational speakers available today! Her dynamic life's stories and practical insights will move you from side-holding laughter to heart-felt tears. She will motivate you, inspire you, encourage you, entertain you -- she will touch your life and heart forever.

Jolene has been the keynote speaker for such events as the Annual Christian Reformed World Missionaries Conference in Africa, Christian Schools International, Kid's Hope, and at various conventions and conferences for leaders and students across the U.S. and Canada, and speaks at meetings, banquets, retreats, small groups, and graduation addresses from coast to coast. Colleges have rescheduled other events around her and youth groups plan retreats based on Jolene's availability. The requests for repeat engagements are many.

Jolene will prepare one or more presentations especially for your group's theme or topic,
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"jolene, thinking about you as i am reading your book in my dorm room... i just felt a crazy need to tell you, i love you! truly. you are an inspiration and someone i wish to be like when i grow up in God's plan for me"

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