"When you read Jolene's writings or listen to her presentations, you immediately sense she is empathetically on your side because she spoofs herself as well as others. Her self-deprecating humor is mercifully insightful. It helps us all to recognize when we are naively trying to start our engines on an empty crankcase. She admits that the only way we will get ahead in life is by humbly examining our own lives, gratefully looking to God for guidence, and faithfully moving forward. She recognizes true life as a comedy of humble faith."

-- quote from Quentin Schultze

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"Hey sweet woman! I've been reading your book. Taking my time. Taking it all in. Treating it in some way as a devotional. Not that I'm surprised, but you're not only a gifted speaker, but a wonderfully gifted writer as well. Coming from someone who's heard your stories, your struggles and felt your pain before, you have done a wonderful job of painting pictures and depicting situations, exactly as I remember you telling them in person. What a wonderful gift God has blessed you with! "

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